About Us

Hey my lovelies,

Tangren Worldwide is a community based brand founded by me in the aim of connecting with my Tangren Babies (唐人宝贝) all around the world. It is deeply rooted in the appreciation of East-Asian culture and heritage, Chinese culture specifically. I hope this shop offers you a piece of home or memory, where ever you are. This is a safe space for free expressions of identities, gender, body and self-love. invite you to join me on this journey and let's make culture queer again ❤️ 

With love, 

Princess xx

About Princess

Qing, aka Princess of Chinatown, is a multi-disciplinary artist and fashion designer currently based in New York.

Born and raised in southern China, Qing’s upbringing has a huge impact on their voice as an artist. Qing's works focus on exploring gender, sexuality, self-expression, body image, identity, and LGBTQ community culture. Qing's artistic creation integrates multiple fields, including clothing, makeup, styling, film, performance and more. Their work have appeared in Dazed, VOGUE, 1 Granary, NOWNESS Asia, Evening Standard and many other media.

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